How Much Do High-Class Escorts Charge?

How Much Do High-Class Escorts Charge?

In the escorting business, there is never a standard price set for all the high-class escorts available. What is typical of them is that they cost you a lot of money, which is a fact. In determining the price that a high-class escort will charge, a lot of factors will play out. These factors include:

Their Location:

Escorts in big cities will typically charge you a lot more as compared to escorts in small towns. This is because the costs of living in these two places vary with that in cities being very high and so the escorts have to keep up with the prices. The escorts in different cities will charge differently, as well.

The Services They Offer:

Different high-class escorts will charge you differently depending on the services they offer. Out of all the services they offer, you will select what you want and request others. If the requests are honoured, then the price will be determined. For example, a porn star experience will differ in price from a girlfriend experience.

Their Experience:

The more experienced an escort is, the more she will charge. Her experience is rated by her success in the business and the time she has been in the industry. A newbie in the industry cannot charge the same as a person who has been in the business for over twenty years. The newbie is still trying to get clients, so she has to make attractive prices.

The Clients She Sees:

Some escorts deal with billionaires and multimillionaires. These escorts charge a lot. Therefore, depending on the clients an escort sees, her price will be higher.

Their Working Mechanism:

Escorts are either independent or are attached to an agency. When an escort is connected to an agency, she will be more expensive because what she makes has to be shared with the agency. An independent escort keeps all the money.

Starting Price

A high-class escort often charges their clients on an hourly basis or for a weekend. You can expect an exquisite high-class escort in some major cities to charge you around $1,000 per hour with more experienced escorts charging up to $10,000 per hour. Depending on all the factors mentioned above, the price may go up or down.

There are so many high-class escorts that live lavishly and make millions every year in this industry. For such women, you cannot expect their minimum price per hour to be cheap. If you want a memorable experience, you must never be afraid of spending money.

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