What Kind Of Escort Services Are There

What Kind Of Escort Services Are There

When hiring an escort, there is always something in mind that you wish to get from them. Everything goes in the escorting business, but it depends on the escort you will hire. But to establish the basics is important. These basic services will give you a glimpse of what you can expect.

  1. Companionship

This is an escort service where the escort offers companionship only. In companionship, you are looking for a girl to spend some time with whether during a trip, in an event, at the movies, on a date or otherwise. This girl will engage in all the activities you have, delightful conversations, and more. When your time is up, they will be on their merry way. Sex is not in the picture.

  1. Erotic Full Body Massage

High-class escorts have mastered the art of erotic full body massage, and they will enchant you with their skills. Erotic body massage is sometimes accompanied by some sexual experiences depending on what the client wants and has agreed on. With every touch, the escort will set you on fire and give you pleasures you have been dreaming of.

  1. Sexual Intimacy

Many men call for escorts with a sexual fantasy in mind. All they want is for the escort to fulfil their fantasies and they will be okay. Escorts are always out to please their clients. Even so, during your agreements, you have to state your expectations and what you want her to do for you. This way, she will know your full expectations, and you can know what she allows and what she does not.

  1. Girlfriend Experience

There are men that desire to get the girlfriend experience but because of one reason or another they cannot. The high-class escorts are trained to be whatever you want, and they will be your ‘girlfriend’ for as long as the contract is valid. She will give you the treatment that every girl gives her boyfriend, and you are free to treat her like your girlfriend.

  1. Cure Loneliness

In case of post-split loneliness, an escort can step in and help you overcome the situation. Depending on what you want, she will give you. Whether you want someone to fill the emptiness for a while until you get on your feet or someone to distract you, you will have her. You can do many things with her as long as she agrees with it.

These are just a few of the services offered by escorts, but there are other services that you can agree upon with the escort, and you will have them.

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