Duo Escorts Are Booked Mostly By Couples In London – Case Study

Duo Escorts Are Booked Mostly By Couples

The 21st century has brought with it a certain form of liberalism and openness that one would never have dreamed of before. Usually, men and women were expected to be modest and measured about proclaiming their sexuality; it was almost a taboo being candid, and saying it as you felt it. But this has changed over time. Nowadays, more and more men are coming out to admit that they have fantasies and fetishes about spending time with duo escorts. Whether you call it a threesome, foursome, or whatever, truth of the matter is that these things are becoming increasingly common. But here is the interesting aspect to this new phenomenon; even couples are coming out openly, to book duo escorts!

What do Duo escorts mean?

Duo means two, and in this case, duo escorts means a pair of escorts that work together to entertain and please their clients. Duo escorts are the ultimate prize for the alpha gentleman who feels that he can indeed handle more than one lady. Often, these ladies are beautiful, with soft skin and hands that know just where to touch a client. They have perfected the art of working together harmoniously and passionately, to take the client to a whole new world. They tend to complement one another, in that while one may be an expert massager to your exhausted body, the other may be a hopeless romantic that will take you to new levels of pleasure.

There are various reasons why couples are increasingly booking duo escorts in London;

  • What’s worth noting is the fact that most of these couples that are booking duo escorts in London are young. These are couples in their 20s, or 30s. This group seems to be more liberal and willing to challenge the traditional notions.
  • Couples booking duo escorts is all about being honest and sincere with the other. A man may realize that another woman is better placed to explore, and please his spouse better that he can. Likewise, the woman may feel that his man needs to have fun with another woman, perhaps of his choice, without having to hide it. This has led to such couples picking duo escorts, for adult play.
  • They don’t have to hide a thing; these escorts are used to such arrangements, and will be more than glad to make out with either the lady or guy. This new trend has become so popular; most view it as the best way to get what one is lacking in a relationship, without having to do it secretly or while hiding.


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