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Dream Vacation Come True Part V

Dream Vacation Come True Part V

My blood started pumping and my mood was immediately lifted when I opened the door to see my attractive girlfriends locked at the lips once more. I was relieved to discover Carla had been paying attention after telling her that one of my biggest turns on was seeing two ladies kiss.

They parted ways and smiled seductively at me. Both were dressed in transparent silk robes over undergarments. Stacey had on a white robe over red, which highlighted her blonde hair and blue eyes. She wore matching underwear and a satin bustier that hugged her tits and was edged with white lace. I had never seen white fishnet stockings before, but they were seductive on her long, silky legs. Her heels were likewise red.

Carla mirrored Stacey exactly, with the exception of her attire, which was blue with black lace and a robe. It was one of the most fascinating photos I had ever seen because they offered a matched set, reinforcing the impression of two women as sexual partners.

Carla questioned, "Aren't you going to invite us in, lover?"

I immediately took a step back. I pleaded with the ladies to turn right. As they entered the room, Stacey raised her hand and, while smiling mischievously, stroked my cheek with one finger.

"I just feel we're going to have an amazing time together," Carla remarked to me. "And Stacey simply can't wait to touch you. She's extremely hot, you know. Would you like to touch her? I know she'd appreciate that."

Stacey stood with her hands on her hips and her legs spread; she remained silent but smiled and winked at me. I walked up and softly touched her chest, which were just partially covered by the tight satin. She let me move my hands whatever I liked around her as she cocked her head back and groaned quietly.

Carla embraced Stacey from behind and pushed her hands up beneath mine to feel Stacey's chest as well, saying, "Ooh, I want to touch her too." I took a step back so I could see Stacey's happy faces and see Carla lift her up. The blonde woman's sighs became moans when Carla kissed her neck.

Carla said in a raspy voice, "Want to see her chest?

Yes, I answered.

Instead of pulling down the bustier's top as I had anticipated, Carla put her fingertips into a secret pocket beneath Stacey's busts and took away the cups, tossing them aside and leaving Stacey's globes trimmed in lace and satin. Her stunning busts, which had been imprisoned, now protruded from the rest of her flesh, white and creamy against a faint tan from the Caribbean sun. Her nips were a pale pink color and still soft, ready for someone else's lips to contact them to make them firm. Carla held them up for me to see and touch while her delicate hands gently caressed them.

Stacey responded jokingly, shifting her chest a little back and forth, "Give us a kiss, love."

I knelt down and put one nip to my lips, gently kissing it and then blew across it to make it harden.

Then, while Stacey stroked my hair and slowly drew me in her direction, I repeated the process with the second one and gave it a small lick as well.

A second set of exposed busts, this time slightly larger and encircled by red satin rather than blue, suddenly materialized to the side. The girls squeezed their tits together and allowed me to take a nip from each of them into my mouth at the same moment as I moved my kiss from Stacey to Carla and back again. I raised to join the kiss and feel their embrace when I looked up to see that they were keeping each other's lips.

Nothing makes me happier than kissing two attractive women at once, and these two were excellent at it. It is generally advised to give kisses rather than receive them when kissing many partners, and they did so with their tongues swirling in our common center and their lips being full, sweet, and questing. It was a delicious preview of what was to come.

Carla proposed, "Let's go to the bed, lover."

The girls persuaded me to lie down before stripping me bare and petting only my legs and thighs—not my rock-hard member—intentionally. They then rose in front of me, removed their silk robes and underwear but kept their stockings and lacy bustiers on. Stacey had a tiny heart-shaped patch of blonde curls over her groin, while Carla had a cleanly shaven head. Once more, they shared a slow, deep kiss while also rubbing their chest towards one another. They looked hot and wild as they walked toward me before turning back and starting to climb upon the bed.

After a passionate kiss from Stacey, Carla followed suit, and soon we were all sharing kisses once more. When Stacey stepped aside to allow Carla lay on top of me, I felt as like I could not get enough of their lips and tongues and I almost begged them to continue kissing me all night.

Then, as Carla's moist lips descended over the strained top of my manhood, my wants unexpectedly shifted.

Carla muttered, "I want to please you so much." And I won't stop till you enter the room with me.

I managed to say, "Yes."

Stacey was guiding me into Carla's moist opening when I felt her hands on my manhood.

Carla said in a quiet voice as she got ready to lead me inside, "We're going to satisfy each other many of times this week. Look into my eyes and don't take your eyes off of me for even a split second, darling. I want you to remember this first time."

Carla slowly lowered herself over me and pushed me within her warm moistness as she made a pleasurable purring sound with her pursed lips.

She muttered, "Oooh... I knew you would feel amazing within me. She started to slowly move me in and out of her as her hips rocked back and forth, bouncing her chest just a little bit up and down. Her eyes grew elongated and focused directly on mine, burning with lust. As I pushed all the way into her, I could feel her wet section of lips touching my skin as she drew me further and deeper with each thrust.

Stacey appeared out of nowhere, crawling on her hands and knees to grab Carla's nips and forcefully nibbling on it. For a little minute, I had forgotten about her. I used one of my two remaining hands to touch Carla's other chest while slipping the other one between Stacey's knees to feel her.

Stacey pleaded with a mouthful of tit, "Go into me. Please let's do this together!

As soon as I dipped two fingers inside Stacey's sultry tiny flower, both females began to swoon with desire. With this kind of stimulation, I swiftly and unexpectedly reached my climax, pouring my cream into Carla as her portion constricted around me. Carla laid down over me and gave me a passionate kiss as I entered Stacey, and as I began to come down from the intimate relations high, I felt Stacey's lips there as well.

Carla muttered, "Oh, that was a hot pleasure. "You burned my bloom, lover. The first of many, I hope."

While I gathered my breath, we lay in silence for a while. Carla withdrew away from me and rolled to one side, placing her hand between her legs and massaging her thighs and private area with our mingled love honey. She even inserted a finger between her lips and plunged it into herself as if to enjoy the flavor of our cream.

Stacey sighed, "I want some."

Carol grinned. She beckoned with one finger while extending her legs widely and saying, "Come get it, honey."

Stacey got out of bed and circled the mattress till she could lean in between Carla's knees and kiss her thighs and the area around her. Stacey reached back between her own legs and rubbed her own portion with a free hand while Carla groaned and started to rub her chest with both hands.

Even though I had already fired two bullets that evening and typically wouldn't have been up for a third, the level of stimulation I was experiencing allowed me to continue pounding well into the night. Stacey was lapping Carla's portion with her legs spread wide and her tight, round bottom sticking up in the air, so I interpreted it as an invitation. My knees were obviously weak, so it was tough for me to stand up. I then crept up behind the attractive blonde with the mostly-hard manhood.

Stacey questioned, "Oh God, do I get to feel you'll come inside of me too?"

If you want me to, I said in response.

She screamed, "Oh yeah, darling, let me feel you inside me."

I grasped her hips and rubbed my member's head back and forth across her cherry while holding her by the hips. Carla's flower muffled her screams, but they were still loud and passionate, and after a while I had gotten tough enough to enter her. In less than five minutes, my manhood exploded into a flaming flower for the second time.

"Get on, I want you to come inside of me and make love to me as you did to her," the woman said.

I pushed in and out of Stacey's sweet cherry for what felt like hours, watching Carla get licked as I gave her a deep, powerful fuck until I was finally prepared to fire my load into her.

I muttered through tight teeth, "Here it comes."

Stacey whispered, "Please, do it.

Carla screamed, "Oh God, I'm coming! I want you to join us as well!

Carla got her desire as I fired my load into Stacey, and as the three of us came together, both women wiggled and screamed. I was able to finish while still standing, but I almost fell backward onto a chair that I was fortunate to find behind me. As I caught my breath, the girls kissed each other on the lips before falling back asleep on the bed, almost as worn out as I was.

Carla uttered "Wow" to the ceiling. What good pounding that was.

Stacey concurred, "Really wonderful.

When I returned from the shower after the three of us had briefly cleaned ourselves off, I was surprised to see the bed prepared with brand-new sheets. While we cleaned ourselves up, Stacey added with a smile that she had phoned a maid service to take care of it. I consciously reminded myself that in addition to the females, the cleaning crew deserved a gratuity.

After our shower, the girls were now shirtless and still seductive, but I just didn't have it in me to put on a show. We kissed again as the three of us lay down on the bed, me in the middle.

Carla whispered, "Sleep well, lover." After all, we still had seven more nights together.

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