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Dream Vacation Come True Part IV

Dream Vacation Come True Part IV

She rubbed her lips against my mouth once again, and I felt her chest pressing firmly against mine. She ran my hands slowly down her own lovely contours, past her buttocks, around her little waist, and down her full bottom, which her clothing barely concealed. She prodded me to raise my hands higher up under her clothes after a long, passionate kiss. Although she had a chiseled figure and beautiful, sensual lips, it was her approachable, friendly nature that really caught my eye.

She mentioned: "She broke off the kiss and held me, her eyes glued on mine as she glided down my body and opened the zip of my pants, never once looking down or away. My manhood, which had grown tremendously erect from her attention, ascended to meet her lips and became free.

She looked down and let out a tiny squeal of delight when she saw my manhood "You would have a strong shaft, I knew that. "Let me kiss it for you, please."

She slipped half of my length into her warm mouth without asking for my permission first and rubbed her moist lips over my masculinity. Her head gently bobbed up and down as she moved closer and tugged me within. As she came up, her tongue played about my head. I had never had this pleasure while wearing clothing before, so it seemed even hotter and sexier than it would have if we were both stripped (both mine and hers). Due to the growing excitement over the past few days, particularly over the last few hours, I was unable to resist for very long, and I quickly got ready.

I announced, "I'm coming," in a quiet voice.

I want to feel you, sweetheart, so come on me and in me, she invited.

Clara shot my cream all down her throat with a lusty gasp, not letting a drop escape, as I raised my arm.

Did you enjoy beating my face? she asked, grinning at me.

I responded, "Mm-hm."

Come on, dear, the celebration is still awaiting us and it will be even better later, she retorted.

I'll give Carla credit for knowing how to strike up a conversation. We strolled about the room together with my hand on her firm little butt and a smile on our cheeks after our brief encounter behind the palm, which made me feel much more at ease and eager to chat.

After spending a few hours having fun with Carla, Stacey, my second lady, arrives. She is part of the Carla duo that I also reserved. Yes, I would be exhausted before the evening was half through, but the fantasy of having them both was too alluring to resist. I guess that wanting every attractive lady he likes is just a natural inclination for men.

Carla said, "David, this is Stacey." I looked Stacey in the eyes as I took her hand and kissed it. She smiled at me, and I imagined Carla-like red lips caressing my manhood like she had done.

It was a pleasure to meet you, she gushed. You must be enjoying your stay so far if I am to know Carla, so perhaps you'll allow me help you enjoy.

I replied, "I think I'd like it." Have the two of you ever collaborated before?

Carla stepped into Stacey's extended arm, and the two ladies drew closer to one another. "I prefer to think of it as playing together," Stacey replied. And yes, we are close; in fact, we meet up on our days off.

Stacey is not at all restrained, according to Carla. You are free to ask her anything.

I made the choice to trust Carla's counsel on its face. I gave her the second rose corsage from Carla's wrist and said, "The only question I have, Stacey, is will you give us the pleasure of your company tonight?"

Stacey gratefully accepted the flower and slid it on while smiling. After that, she turned to face Carla, and the two of them kissed while opening their lips to allow their tongues to touch. Despite the fact that Carla's great personal work was still very fresh in my mind, they appeared to be as attractive as I would have anticipated, and my manliness started to awaken once more.

"I hope you don't mind," Stacey replied when they briefly parted ways and turned to face me. "I just couldn't wait any longer," she said. "I've been dying to do that all evening."

When the three of us can be alone, I hope you'll indulge even more, I said.

Stacey questioned, this time moving in on me with her red lips wet and begging for mine, "Why wait?"

She gave me a fierce, passionate kiss while biting with her lips and inserting her tongue deeply into my mouth and spinning it around. I knew I had made some wise decisions as I pondered what lay in store for me with this stunning blonde and this smoldering brunette.

Dinner was exquisite, but compared to the greater hunger sparked by the two beauties on either side of me, the need for food seemed small.

Carla and Stacey brought me to my room after dinner, gave me a lengthy kiss, and then left me alone. I had a quick shower, changed into a silk robe that I had purchased especially for the occasion, and then sat down to read the information card because my things had already arrived and being unpacked.

As I waited for my ladies to return, my complimentary champagne chilled in an ice bucket while I waited on the porch. The greatest suite at the hotel was mine, and it overlooked the pool and the ocean beyond. Even without the companion girls, I found myself wishing that my wife were someone whose company I might appreciate here. I made the decision to take her on a cruise with any remaining funds in order to try again to rekindle our sexual relationship.

To my amazement, the time flew rather quickly because of how soothing and almost hypnotic the steady wash of the waves was. The escorts had just started to leave what I supposed to be their private quarters and make their way to their apartments when I gazed down over the courtyard. I looked around but couldn't find my girls. I was shocked when my door was knocked. I took a big breath before standing up and going to open it. This is it!

------------------------------------------TO BE CONTINUED-----------------------------------------

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