Dream Vacation Come True Part III

Dream Vacation Come True Part III

I made the decision to spend my first night on the island getting to know Carla better and making sure she was the lady I wanted. While the other guests went around and got the women they dated, we walked around and chatted. I suppose it was only natural that I felt a little self-conscious about, in a sense, playing my fantasy in front of an audience and wished I was the only male there. Carla saw my anxiety and used her knowledge to identify the issue.

Really, it's not a big deal, she reassured. I can certainly be accommodating if you'd prefer to be more private with our... intimate activities, she added with a smile. "Especially as it's your first time here, I'd be surprised if you didn't feel a little self-conscious, but believe me, you'll get over it soon enough. I just want you to relax and have a good time. Think of me as your girlfriend.

In a situation like this, I couldn't help but wonder what my wife would think of me. I had no illusions about this; if she knew, I would receive divorce papers within the next week. I'd been taking it a little further every time since I started treating myself to these little sensual joyrides with escorts, and the like, until there was no longer any way to describe what I was doing. This wasn't about giving in to a harmless curiosity or giving in to a typical male drive. There is no denying that this was cheating. Despite the fact that I wasn't completely heartless and didn't feel bad about it, how much sexual frustration was I really supposed to just put up with? I wasn't a pervert for desiring to have pleasure, and if my wife objected, I could either put up with it, make her do it, or find it elsewhere. The second choice was totally unacceptable to me and any other man with even the slightest sense of decency since I had undergone enough suffering. If she was going to force me to have intimate relations with someone else outside of our marriage, then so be it. Along the road, I'd have some fantasies about having a threesome with two women.

In fact, a married couple was present at the resort. Tommy and Jane were their names, and they appeared to be regulars. I had a jealous moment because I didn't have a wife who would even come to a place like this and invite another woman into our bed, let alone have love with me more than once a month. That was certainly not what I had anticipated from my wife, but for the love of God, she didn't even enjoy deep kiss with me!

Carla noticed my prolonged silence and understood it appropriately. She questioned, "Are you worried about what your wife will think of you?

I blinked. It's a long story, but it's enough to say that I don't get much attention at home, God knows I've tried. That's why I'm here, of course, without her awareness.

She said, "Come here for a second." I don't want this to be a concern for the whole of your trip since then you won't be able to unwind and enjoy yourself.

We separated from the rest of the party and walked to a quiet area of the room where we found a small love seat hidden by a palm tree. I had seen that there were other nooks like this throughout the space and had believed they were utilized for private intimate encounters away from the public.

Once there, I briefly explained to her how my wife's lack of sexual passion had affected our marriage and how I had begun to look for fulfillment on my own terms after realizing that she would never give it to me. Everything felt wonderful to get it off my chest even though I knew that I was opening up to a hired woman and that she would just tell me what I wanted to hear.

She put her hand on my knee and said, "Listen, sweetie, you're a young, strong, and very handsome man. You deserve to pacify your needs, and any woman you offer yourself to should be pleased. And before you assume I'm just saying that just because I'm getting paid, keep in mind that I could have waited in the background and let you pick somebody else. I wanted you, so I decided to give you my best moves. You're a really hot man and you turn me on".

I questioned, "Do you think you could persuade my wife to agree with that?"

She licked her lips seductively, "Oh, if you could bring her down here, I'd be pleased to show her how much she's missing out on and maybe even teach her a thing or two about how to please you."

I sighed, "I wish it were possible." But hey, it's difficult enough to get her to engage in a sexual relationship with me, even with another woman.

She should be eager to make love to you and pleased to do it; I know I am. You shouldn't have to persuade her to do anything.

I wasn't sure what to say. She was offering cheap compliments and flattery, as I had anticipated, but there was also some truth thrown in. I had worked so hard to convince my wife to appreciate intimacy and closeness, acquire what she wanted, and tempt her into bed, but it had all been in vain. Why is it supposed to be a one-way street? Who was providing me pleasure, making me happy, and fulfilling my basic needs?

For the following week, the solution was waiting and willingly sat next to me. I was excited and in need because she was willing, even if it was just because it was her job.

She leaned in for a kiss and said softly, "Let me be the lover you long for." "Let me fulfill your desires."

------------------------------------------TO BE CONTINUED----------------------------------------------

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