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Dream Vacation Come True Part II

Dream Vacation Come True Part II

===== DAY ONE =====

The following morning, I got up early, took a cab to the airport, and soon after, I was taking off over the lovely Gulf of Mexico. I would return home a full day before my wife because the package I had chosen included three nights at the resort and another two on a cruise ship. I had selected Dolls' duo-escort package, which allowed me to pick one woman as my primary companion and then pick another woman to join us each night, or I could ask them for a model recommendation. The agreement stated that the ladies would perform all duties individually and that my main travel companion would remain by my side the entire trip, taking two hours off every twenty-four. As soon as the appointment was confirmed, I booked Carla and Stacey, who were both willing to fly anywhere in the world. Of course, there would be other guests at the resort as well, so I wouldn't have it to myself. Although I thought we were all there for the same reason and that no one would likely condemn me, I felt a little uneasy about the idea of carrying out my dreams with unfamiliar men nearby.

After we landed, a driver met me and helped me pack my luggage into a luxury limousine before taking me to the reception hall, where I would first meet my future wife. I was positively dizzy with anticipation, and as the beauty of the island washed through the car's windows, I didn't see any of it but instead envisioned what awaited me in my biggest sexual encounter yet.

I was let out of the limousine once it arrived at the lobby of a luxury hotel after a brief eternity. I gave the driver a large gratuity after he assured me that he would carry my baggage to the resort (not only was I in the best mood, but I wanted to be in good terms with all the staff, which is my nature). An attractive woman in a lady's tuxedo, maybe in her early thirties, greeted me at the entrance.

She greeted me with cheerfully, "Good morning, sir." I hope your flight in was comfortable, and welcome to the Caribbean."

I said, "Thank you very much."

She offered to grab my arm and pleaded with me to let her take me inside. It will be my pleasure to introduce to you the girl who will give you the best vacation of your life. My name is Patty, and I'm in charge of companion services for Dolls and Roses.

Patty had taken me across the lobby to the elevators while we were chatting; we rode up a level, moved through a hallway, and eventually arrived at a door where I could hear Carla laughing and talking with one of the servicewomen.

Patty smiled and asked, "Are you ready?

I jokingly retorted, "As I'll ever be."

She let the door open.

Carla was standing in a room with drinks in hand as I entered with her. Carla turned to face me as we entered and grinned, calling out greetings as if I were the party's main attraction which had finally arrived. A stunning, hot, and seductive woman wearing a sexy-fitting dress immediately surrounded me.

The slim, attractive brunette remarked, "Hi, I'm Carla, I take it you're David? Sweetie, welcome to the Islands", she said.

"I'm David, and I'd want to thank you for the warm greeting," I immediately followed.

I kept looking back at this well-shaped brunette. She lured me in. She was a wonderfully beautiful woman who was usually out of my league, so the appeal was even more powerful. I gave her body a quick once-over. She had long, slightly tanned legs, a thin waist, and a lovely, firm rack of B-cups. I said, "I'm starting to think I've just found the greatest thing for me."

Carla gave me a big smile and said, "You're so sweet, you know that, but do let me know what else you enjoy."

We talked about my turn-ons and other things for the next 30 minutes, and I was happy to see that she was open and even looked enthusiastic about everything. I figured I had discovered my girl.

We spent almost an hour getting to know one another before sharing our first passionate kiss.

She started by kissing me passionately and deeply with warm, soft lips that contacted my lips first. She encircled me in her arms and slipped up onto my lap. As soon as I felt her smooth body next to me, I knew she was the one.

"Do you like the way I feel?" she mumbled through lips that were still in contact with mine.

This was going to be a wonderful vacation.

------------------------------------------TO BE CONTINUED----------------------------------------------

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