Dream Vacation Come True Part I

Dream Vacation Come True Part I

I was able to spend five days in a paradise I never would have imagined feasible, thanks to a series of unlikely circumstances that all came together. It all began with a cash award for being the "Manager of the Year" at work that gave me a surprise fortune of $25,000.00. At the time, I wasn't sure why I decided to keep it from my wife, but in the long run... Let's just say that there was a purpose for it, that reason was good, and that it was extremely beneficial for me.

While feeling somewhat bad about keeping such a huge sum of money from my wife, I turned the check award into cash and put it in a safe-deposit box. Despite this, I was powerless to stop myself from indulging in this level of self-indulgence. I considered juicing it down the drain of so many exclusive clubs to pay for my dalliances, but it seemed pretty narrow-minded, and I couldn't do it that frequently without getting caught.

The sexual adventure of an erotic holiday package, the kind I'd read about online, specifically at Dolls and Roses Blog site, was what I truly wanted to explore. It sounded more fun than a mortal man deserved to spend a week in the Caribbean with a gorgeous and seductive woman who was eager to indulge my needs, especially if I paid for a second woman. I even had my package selected with a sophisticated agency called Dolls and Roses, and occasionally I would browse their high-class escorts online to get a feel for what it would be like. Since I couldn't get away from my wife for so long, I now had the means but not the opportunity.

Then a second lucky chance arrived in my lap.

One day, when I got home from office work, my wife met me at the door and told me some shocking news. She desperately wanted to go on a 10-day trip that her women's group was planning to a cabin in Colorado that one of them owned, but we obviously didn't have the funds for travel or other costs. I instantly decided to tell her to get ready since I had been waiting for her birthday to surprise her with a $1,000 scratch-off lottery win.

Well, I received a lot more gratitude than a lying fool like me deserves.

As a result, my wife would be unable to contact me for ten days without even a phone, giving me the opportunity to treat myself. I made plans to take a week off work right away, stating that I wanted to attend a class (I told my wife the same lie, and to make it seem even more plausible, I actually enrolled in the program-it had online lessons, so maybe I'd be able to study and finish it). I then took advantage of a night when my wife went to bed early, went online, and prepared to truly book the vacation of my dreams while having a knot in my throat with anticipation.

The following month passed slowly until the day my wife finally left town. She expressed her thanks to me once more for allowing her to spend this time with her friends and promised to try to call me if she ever came across a phone. However, I reminded her that since I would be in class, she would likely just have to leave a message. After she left, I hurried home to get ready to depart the following day.

That night, I hardly slept at all.

----------------------------------------------TO BE CONTINUED-------------------------------------

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