Different Ways To Book An Escort From Dolls And Roses

Different Ways To Book An Escort

Dolls and Roses is arguably the leading escort agency in London and beyond. Since it was founded, this agency has continued to be a pace setter, doing things differently from what most people were used to. Today, Dolls and Roses is home to hundreds of beautiful, shapely girls, including some that are graduates of the top universities in the UK. That’s not all; the agency has seen its client base grow and expand over the years. Anytime you are in London and in need of some quality female company, this is the agency you can always rely on. Their track record for client satisfaction is evident and clear. When it comes to booking escorts in this reputable agency, you can use any of the below means;

  • different-ways-to-book-an-escort-from-dolls-and-rosesDirectly on the Website; Dolls and Roses site is robust and lively, punctuated by images of beautiful vixens that thirst and yearn for your company. Here, you can first and foremost scroll to the gallery, where you’ll find their photos, and personal profiles listed there. This enables you to compare and contrast the different ladies therein, till you have identified one of our choice. Dolls and Roses site has live chats where you can chat with their customer care and be hooked up with the vixen of your choice. Even their email and other contacts are included so that you can reach them instantly if you so wish.
  • Dialing; a phone call is the fastest way to book an escort at Dolls and Roses. This is especially ideal if you are a repeat client, and already know the specific escort you want to hook up with. You see, you may not have all the time to visit their site and sample all the ladies on offer. A phone call is simple and direct; the customer care attendants on the other end are highly trained, and will listen to your request keenly. Depending on your location and plans, you can get hooked up with your escort of choice in a matter of minutes, or basically in less than an hour. Dolls and Roses allows clients to pay online either via credit cards, PayPal, etc; you can therefore book an escort, and have her come over within 30 minutes.
  • Whatsapp; this is the latest addition to Dolls and Roses platform, and is sure to be a game changer. While booking via a website and phone have their advantages, doing so on Whatsapp is great news for most clients. It guarantees your privacy and discretion, and the beauty of it is that you’re able to exchange your number with the Dolls and Roses escorts. She’ll send you those late night exclusive photos that all men so much admire, but are shy to admit. As a VIP client at Dolls and Roses, you are given exclusive access to Whatsapp groups comprising of the sexiest, most beautiful girls from Dolls and Roses. As long as you have Whatsapp on your Smartphone, you can book any of the lovely escorts from Dolls and Roses.
  • Social Media; Dolls and Roses also maintains a robust social media presence, and here, you are also able to engage their escorts. Most of their top models are active on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. They post their latest photos, whether while out at the gym working out, or just those sexy photos they take while up and about. However, most clients have reservations on booking escorts via social media, for fears that their anonymity and discretion may be breached.

In Summary;

Whatever the case, booking an escort from Dolls and Roses has been made simpler than ever before. Use any of the above means to get yourself a pretty lady for great moments together.

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