Can Fantasy Be A Reality?

Can Fantasy Be A Reality?

My name is Jack, and I've had a fantasy for as long as I can remember. I've never told anyone about it, but the thought of it happening to me never fails to excite me. I thought that was out of the norm and completely out of character for me. I'm a businessman in my early 30s, 5'11", 122 pounds, and well-mannered and respected in my sector.

When I left myself single after the sudden end of a six-year relationship, I decided to indulge my desire by doing something. Some specifics of my fantasy have changed over the years, but the overall theme has remained the same: I wanted to be in the pleasure of two beautiful women. For some reason, the prospect of being pounded in a duo piqued my interest. Maybe it's because beautiful females don't do such things, or maybe it's because it was simply so nasty, exciting, and adventurous, but I keep having these pictures of pleasures.

I had no idea how to go about it, so I began searching the internet for agency websites. After searching through several ads for several days, I came across one that piqued my interest. It was an ad on one site that specialized in satisfying any desire or request a man had. I was getting thrilled as I sent an e-mail to the address, including some of my information, a photo, and a special request. The next day, I was relieved to learn that I had received a response from the agency, which had recommended Diana and Patricia to me. The receptionist stated that both Diana and Patricia would be delighted to meet with me to discuss the specifics of my request. I made plans to meet Diana and Patricia for cocktails the next day, and my body began to freeze at the prospect of my fantasy coming true.

When I met them the next day, I found them to be quite charming ladies, tall and gorgeous, who quickly put me at ease. They claimed they would do anything they could to accommodate my request and that asking for it would not make me feel embarrassed or inhibited in any way. I thought for a moment before blurting out that I wanted to be their slave. I just wanted them to exploit my body for theirs and my pleasure and to be able to do whatever they wanted to me. Diana and Patricia appeared astonished at first, but then smiled and said they could help me. They stated that, while my request was unusual, it was not out of the ordinary, and they have done similar things in the past.

Over the next few days, I found it difficult to focus on anything other than my fantasy. My manhood was constantly full, and I was releasing excitement at the prospect of what was to come. The agency called me several times during the week to ensure that everything was going as planned. They gave me a location in an upscale neighborhood and instructed me to meet them at 8 p.m. tonight.

I was overjoyed that it was finally going to happen after all these years of yearning. I decided I wanted to look sexy for all of my new loves, so I showered and dressed. Diana answered the door and asked me in, while Patricia greeted me from the couch. They escorted me down a long corridor to a pair of huge double doors. Before we went in, Diana asked whether I was ready for my desire to come true. I said yes too hastily. Patricia then added that if I had any second thoughts or wanted to back out, now was the moment. She claimed there would be no going back once we passed through those doors. After a minute, my heart accelerated and my breathing got rough as I murmured in hushed tones, "Yes, I'll do it."

Diana smiled and said, "All right, let's get you ready." She first got a knot and leash from a table drawer near the double doors and placed them in my hands. As she did so, I felt more excited and realized that they were incorporating some minor bondage in my fantasy, which I had never considered. Diana tied the leash to the front of the tie before pulling a blindfold from the drawer and securing it over my eyes. After making sure it wasn't loose, she just stated, "It's time," and I felt my manhood flood as I became quite excited.

Patricia abruptly commanded me to come to a halt and raise my arms. I had no idea what she was doing until my shirt was pushed over my head, revealing my body. I then heard my jeans zipper come undone and felt it fall to my feet. Patricia instructed me to raise one foot at a time. I guess it was at that time that I understood there was no going back; I was the only man in the room, undressed, and utterly at the mercy of two gorgeous girls who were undoubtedly going to give me pleasure.

Diana and Patricia's hands were massaging my manliness. I became quite excited. I felt hands all over my body immediately. Two hands were roaming across my stomach and chest, pinching and zipping my nips. I was experiencing sensory overload and loving every minute of it. They soon drove me to my knees, and I felt nothing but skin swarm around me. Soon, something was placed on my lips, and I began nibbling on Diana's intimate parts. I'm not sure how long this went on, but eventually, I was dragged to my feet and laid on my back on what appeared to be a table.

My wrists were raised over my head, and my legs were spread out wide. Diana took a step between my legs. Patricia's chest and neck were palpable while she was inside me. This carried on for what seemed like hours until I finally got the pleasure and explosion that I desired. It felt amazing, and I enjoyed it as well.

So far this night, I've been wondering why I waited so long to get this incredible pleasure with two gorgeous women. I felt terrific, more satisfied than I had ever felt. I had finally accomplished something I had fantasized about my entire life, and I had no regrets. Diana asked whether I was okay, and I replied that I was fine but weary. For a few moments, the three of us lay in bed. These magnificent experiences fulfilled many wishes and desires, and Diana and Patricia both remained a beacon of unwavering joy, respect, and fulfillment. Thank you so much to Dolls & Roses agency for proposing these girls for my fantasy!

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