Book An Escort Through Whatsapp! New Feature From Dolls And Roses

Book An Escort Through Whatsapp

Dolls and Roses is excited to introduce our new feature, that will enable clients book their favorite escorts right from their phone. With Whatsapp, clients will now be able to interact more closely with our escorts, share real time images and photos, even book them right from that platform. Dolls and Roses has always been in the forefront, leading in both innovation and creativity when it comes to serving our clients. Billions of users are using Whatsapp daily to chat, share videos and photos, even making calls. Thus you’ll be able to not just chat with our lovely escorts; you can also have them send you real time images and photos.

How does it work?

We have networked all our escorts to ensure that each is available on Whatsapp, and can be reached on her own private number. Thus when you come to us, we’ll show you the different images and profiles of the ladies that we have. The good thing about this is that our galleries are well detailed, indicating anything and everything you’d want to know about the escort. Once you’ve identified the lady that makes your heart tick, we’ll proceed to hook you up with her by providing her phone number. By so doing, the ball is entirely in your court and it’s for you to engage your babe and make all arrangements for hooking up. For the VIP clients at Dolls and Roses, they can also join Whatsapp groups that consist of the hottest, high class that the agency has to offer.

How is Whatsapp expected to revolutionalize how things are done?

  • Whatsapp is one of the safest platforms to book an escort, in terms of guarantying your privacy and need for discretion. With your phone, no one knows who you are chatting with, and with a few touches on your screen, you are able to book an escort of your choice.
  • Secondly, it’s fun and easy. Chatting on Whatsapp, thinking of those pick up lines and punch lines to throw to your lady; there is something thrilling about this. Once we have hooked you up with our escorts on Whatsapp, you are able to exchange photos instantly.
  • The fact that you can share and exchange photos with our escorts means that Dolls and Roses continues to be one of the most transparent and straightforward agencies you’ll find here in the UK. Many agencies have a habit of posting old photos of their escorts; it’s only when you’ve paid, and waiting to meet the lady, do you realize she is not really what you expected.


With Whatsapp, you can then delete all your chat history once you’ve met the lady of your choice. The ladies are highly discrete and capable of guarding your privacy.

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