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Best City To Pick Up A Girl

Best City To Pick Up A Girl

It’s Friday night, a perfect time to take advantage of what life has to offer for at least the next two days (Saturday and Sunday). This is the perfect time for romance, adventure and basically time to try out something new. It is the perfect opportunity to step out of your comfort zone, and play, meet, and greet. New women come into your life at such times therefore consider this the time to make something happen. Which is the best city to pick up a girl? This might be the question lingering in your mind. Well, let’s take a look.


Best known for the legend Robin Hood, Nottingham is certainly the place you want to be during your free time. Notting Hill has some of the best high-class escorts in the UK from reputable agencies such as Dolls and Roses. With your beautiful escort at hand, you can visit the best clubs in town, visit a beautiful ice hockey arena, a fantastic playhouse, and the list is endless.


Westminister is one city that does not sleep. As soon as the sun sets, it is time to enjoy the night. What a perfect way to enjoy your time in this beautiful city, than being in the company of a sexy woman? Bayswater is yet another the best area within this city where you will always get a girl that is willing to entertain you through the night. Take your chances and visit Westminister for your pleasure.

While still in the city, you can also visit Belgravia for the hottest and classy ladies in town. Being one of the wealthiest districts in the world,this is definitely a place that you want to try out for a

Best City To Pick Up A Girl

taste of their classy women.


London prides itself as one of the best tourist destinations in the world. With this, you can never miss girls who are all after pleasure and fun. Be it in Sloane where you will get sophisticated models or you want to try out the West in Kensington, the choice is there for you to pick. In London, variety is the order of the day from the most romantic hotels with amazing rooftop bars to the best nightclubs. You will never miss a spot to have an enjoyable time in London.

Chelsea is yet another perfect spot to pick up a girl while in London. However, when trying out these cities, one thing that you should put aside is a good budget.

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