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An Extraordinary Nightclub Experience

An Extraordinary Nightclub Experience

I recently ended my relationship with my boyfriend and had been in the post-breakup phase for some time. My best friend insisted on taking me to a nightclub to help me relax and encouraged me to have some fun as well. I was going through a lot at the time and didn't want to have any fun, so I refused. But she forced me to wear a short satin red dress that showed a lot of cleavage and fit nicely on my body, emphasizing my huge butt. She put more make-up on my face than I usually do. I had no idea that my sexy looks would lead to an amazing sexual experience with a stranger later on.

So here's my honest confession about having a sizzling pleasure with a stranger - a hired escort from Dolls and Roses. If you're curious, my best friend organized this meeting and called the agency. All communication was between them, and I have no idea who I am meeting with. Is he or she a nice person, attractive, and so on? I have absolutely no idea. All I know is that my best friend will not give me something that will not disappoint me, knowing that I was already struggling as a result of my post-breakup with my ex.

So we went to the nightclub, one of the most expensive in London, and began drinking and dancing. I noticed a stranger staring at me from the bar while I was dancing with my friend. She was tall and lovely, with a well-built figure. The high heels made her appear taller than she is, and the black lace stockings complemented the rest of her dress. I didn't notice at first, but as I noticed her fiercely staring at me and drinking her wine, I began to stare back. I was a little tipsy from a few drinks, so I wasn't sure whether I was seeing her.

After a while, I noticed her approaching me. "Hey lovely, would you mind a dance?" she said. " I couldn't help but agree because she was so gorgeous and hot in her black short dress. My friend moved to the other side of the room, winking at me and leaving me alone with this lovely stranger.

She clutched my waist as we began to move in time with the music. "I'm Lori, your friend called the agency to book me for this night with you," she said as we danced. I had a conversation with her, and that's when I realized what was going on. "It was good to see you in," she said.

"I knew it". I gasped. "Oh my God, I'm speechless right now; I don't know what to say." But, certainly, Lori, wonderful to meet you," I answered, beaming at her lovely face.

I could see her face moving closer, and I knew what she was about to do. Before I could think, she smacked her lips against mine. When she parted, I realized I needed more, so I kissed her again. I couldn't tell if it was the effect of the drinks or her lovely face and sexy lips.

My gestures gave her a hint, and she gradually dragged me out of the dance zone and went in the club's private room. She asked if I wanted a body shot as the door to the room closed behind us. All I had to say was Yes, and she stepped right up! She spilled vodka all over my chest and belly button. Then she gently patted my chest slowly.

She massaged my tit with one hand while playing with the waist band of my underwear with the other. The room was getting hot and crazy as she slipped her fingers into my waistband.

She took my hand and led me to the little dance floor inside the room. We started dancing and grinding. Our skirts were fluttering and our busts were bouncing.

I was getting near to her when she turned around, grabbed my wrist, and pushed me into the large couch. " I am hotter than your ex and weigh more than her, but I was quick", she said, and soon she had pinned me to the sofa with her body and she had hold of my hands, which she had tied to the bed above my head, essentially paralyzing me. Of course, I didn't want to go anywhere, but I didn't put up much of a fight. Why would I refuse a lovely sexy woman pinning me to the couch? She began kissing me while opening the zip on my short satin red dress. Her lips turned me on and made my vision fuzzy. She began to cuddle my waist and busts with her hands while still plunging her fangs deep into my mouth. Until now, I had been fully engrossed in her and didn't mind having an intimate pleasure with a gorgeous stranger.

We began sobbing in between lips, and she spun around and pushed me onto the couch. She took off my underwear in one fast motion. She then flexed her body and pulled me off of me; before I could recover, she pulled me onto her back and pinned me to the couch with my body using her weight. She then took one hand and lifted my wrists above my head.

She then kissed my lips, then my neck, before moving her kisses down to my chest. She kissed my busts while I was wearing my bra. She drew her free hand down and kissed the naughty bits, bringing them into her mouth.

"Mmmmm Lori, yes, exactly like that," I muttered, arching my busts into her lips.

What I didn't expect was Lori moving her leg up and down my private part so readily. My role came to life instantly as a result of the effect. I was distracted enough to let go of her hands, and she quickly wrapped her arms around me and pulled my head up.

Our lips met and pressed into my mouth, and our tongues caressed and physically stroked each other.

She began stimulating my private parts while kissing my neck and back behind my back. Her fingers dug deep within me, causing me to whine and moan loudly. She removed her garments with one hand while doing it with the other. She sat on the bed and forced me to sit on her lap, facing her. She began caressing my chest and touching my intimate parts. It was getting me extremely wet.

With each sigh and kiss, I could feel hers getting moist. She then yanked me up and forced me to lie down on the couch. My vision was blurring as a result of the quantity of pleasure I was feeling in addition to the drink. She took off her underwear and rubbed hers against mine in a rapid pace, causing me to lose feeling in my body. We kept kissing and pounding until our climax was revealed with a loud scream. After that, we both fell asleep.

When we woke up, she finally sat up and kissed me on the lips. Lori reached for the glasses and poured the wine into them.

She then sat back, and I did the same touching glasses and drinking wine.

"Thank you, honey, I really needed that," I said.

"How did you like being at my mercy?" "She stated it with a smile.

"Who says I was at your grace? I let you have your way with me," I smiled.

I had no idea that this ecstasy with a stranger in a nightclub could be so strong and pleasurable. I was grateful to my friend who arranged this, as well as the agency where Lori worked. They had a real gem with Lori!

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