15 Things You Didn't Know About The Adult Entertainment Industry

15 Things You Didn't Know About The Adult Entertainment Industry

The adult industry has been with mankind ever since the beginning of the world. Even in the bible, there are instances of adult entertainment workers who are mentioned prominently like the infamous Rahab. Fast forward to today, the adult entertainment industry has really grown. Today, it is possible to have adult fun without having to leave the precincts of your premises; everything can be done online. But still, so much remains unknown about this industry. Adult entertainment is not always about sex. There are other activities that one can indulge in without necessarily having to engage in coitus with a woman. Below, we have compiled a list of 15 interesting things you should know about the adult entertainment industry.

  1. Not always about sex; perhaps one of the greatest misconceptions regarding this industry is that it’s always about sex. Nothing could be further from the truth. Escorting services involve girlfriend experiences that may entail all manner of company and fun, without necessarily having to engage in sex afterwards.
  2. There are strict rules; the adult industry, like all other industries, is governed by strict terms and conditions. Modern-day slavery, use of underage girls; all these are strictly adhered to in order to ensure that only consenting adults engage in the adult fun.
  3. Women are becoming more sophisticated; today’s adult entertainer is more sophisticated than ever. We see increasingly educated and well off girls turning to the escorting industry, for instance.
  4. Global clients; another interesting thing to note about the adult industry is that a huge chunk of the clients comes from all parts of the world. From business people attending seminars and meetings in London to others visiting for other reasons; these are increasingly becoming the main drivers of this industry.
  5. Privacy always guaranteed; privacy and discretion go hand in hand with the adult entertainment industry.
  6. Girls more open-minded; today’s generation of adult entertainers is more open-minded and adventurous. Threesome encounters are no longer something to be frowned upon.
  7. It’s diverse; like aforementioned, there’s more to the adult entertainment than just sex. Webcam shows, sex phone; these don’t necessarily end up in actual sex.
  8. Governments know about it; there’s nothing illegal, governments work to regulate the industry.
  9. Booming business; today, London has more escort agencies and professional escorts like never before! It’s a lucrative industry.
  10. Standards are high; most escorts, erotic dancers, and the rest all undergo a thorough vetting and recruitment process. Only the best among the best are selected.
  11. Has gone digital; nowadays, clients can hire an escort or book a massage session via their Smartphones.
  12. Embracing technology; who’d have told that in 2017 you’d be able to chat via Whatsapp or Snapchat with an escort in real-time, even exchange photos!
  13. Bonuses and discounts; just like in all businesses, regular or repeat clients in the adult industry are also given discounts and bonuses.
  14. Feedback is always welcome; most adult entertainment joints greatly value their client’s feedback and reviews.
  15. It’s a free world; it is a free world where you pick what you desire when it comes to adult entertainment. Slender escorts, plumb ones, busty, curvy; there’s always something for everyone.

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