A study about 100+ Escorts in London and their Careers

A study about 100+ Escorts & Careers

London is home to numerous escort agencies, chief among them being Dolls and Roses. In these agencies, you’ll find thousands of escorts from different nationalities, origins, all pretty and with figures to die for. However, there is more to these escorts than just their looks and body frames; a study of about 100+ London escorts will reveal some amazing facts and trends. Gone are the days when escorts in London were just plain looking women who were nothing else but full time hookers. Nay! Today, your average London escort is much more different, much more desirable, and of course, her standards are also high!

Below, are some crucial facts that a study of these escorts will reveal;

  1. A study about 100+ Escorts in London and their CareersVery educated; in an agency like Dolls and Roses, a whopping 80% or even more of their escorts are either postgraduates or undergraduates at the leading Universities across the UK. The ladies are as beautiful as they are intelligent, and this makes them such great company. This trend has come as a result of a clientele that’s becoming increasingly choosy and in need of an intelligent woman that can engage in intelligent discussions, or help some important errands on his behalf.
  2. Part-time models; another thing worth taking note of is that a majority of London escorts also double up as professional models. This is especially the case for escorts forking for the major agencies, where the threshold is high. For a long time now, the escort industry in London has been characterized by the need for slender and perfectly toned girls. Consequently, more and more supermodels have ventured into the escort industry, thanks to their perfect killer figures. These escorts aka supermodels work hard in the gym to maintain those Size 8 figures, to ensure that they maintain curves in the right places.
  3. Multi Lingual; most London escorts are bilingual, which means that they can speak more than one language. Again, the EU integration brought down borders and barriers, meaning that businessmen from across Europe came to London more frequently, and for longer. Escort agencies had to cater for clients who spoke a foreign language like French, German, or whatever; and what a better way than having escorts that could speak such languages! In an agency like Dolls and Roses, you’ll find escorts that can speak almost any language, be it English, Spanish, German, French, Arabic, Chinese; you name it!


Clearly, today’s London escort is more proud of her job and career; she’s also more confident and tech savvy than her former counterpart.

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