A Naughty Travel Guide to London including Escorts

A Naughty Travel Guide to London including Escorts

Almost a million people visit London each year, some coming to shop, holiday, while others are in transit to other destinations. While here, most tend to visit new places around the city, eat out and try different restaurants, and so on so forth. However, that’s the easy side of London! London’s nightlife is a different story all the same and there are some naughty, sexy things you can do while here. Of course, it’s always better when you have a sexy escort around you to spice up your moments. With such an escort, you’re never alone as you always have someone tagging along all the places you’re visiting.

Check out this naughty travel guide to London with an escort;

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Nightclubs; London’s nightclubs are second to none, and for so many reasons. Regardless of your tastes and preferences, there’s always a club that will exceed your expectations. Once you’ve met an escort, it’s always recommendable to hang out a bit before jumping straight into bed. London nightclubs offer you the perfect moment to get to know her dance and hold her close to you, as you build up your emotions. The nightclubs play all manner of music from the latest hits to old school tunes; you are thus always assured of a joint that will entertain you. We won’t mention any names as we don’t seek to promote any Nightclub, but a quick search online will reveal hundreds of nightclubs and joints where you can have naughty moments with your escort, before heading to your place or hers.

Stripper clubs; again without mentioning names, London is home to many strip clubs. The models and beauties that entertain revelers here are to die for; smoking hot, with curves and goodies at the right places.  Most men are visual beasts, and seeing a scantily dressed model pole dancing or offering lap dances always turns them on beyond imagination. Unlike a typical girlfriend who’d frown at such events, an escort will be too glad to accompany you to London strip clubs and have fun watching you get excited. The models themselves also double up as professional models and she won’t hesitate to offer you a naughty lap dance as precursor to what will follow later in the night.

Private helicopter rides; private helicopter rides over the city are becoming not just more common, but also more affordable! Nothing is as thrilling as flying over London in a copter during the daytime; it’s just breathtaking. If you’re lucky to hook up with the right escort, you can make the most out of your flight! You can have the escort dress up as an air hostess or school girl, policeman, nurse, or whatever; she can then tease and ‘serve’ you during your flight. Professional escorts will tease you the moment you are airborne, sometimes even giving you a mind shattering Blow job that will forever remain etched in your mind!

For the naughtiest London escorts to spice up your visit, always pick a lady from Dolls n Roses; here, you’re always assured of hot babes who have class and elegance combined together.

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