5 Awesome Things you can expect from A VIP Escort from Dolls and Roses

5 Awesome Things Expect from A VIP Escort

Dolls and Roses is one of the most reputable escort agencies you will find in London. The beauty and attraction of the babes here, is one to literally die for. Do not be left out when your partners are enjoying the luxurious exotic treatment from these fine ladies. Choose an escort that suits your fantasies and one that can satisfy your desires the way you please. Dolls and Roses escorts are one of a kind type of beaus who are smart, classy, and above all have an appealing personality. Do not settle for just any escorts in London, be involved with one of the best and experience a memorable event of a lifetime.

Below are a few things to expect from a Dolls and Roses escort.

  • Confidentiality; Dolls and Roses is a well-known escort agency in London that upholds their privacy terms. So, do not worry about your special moments being known by the world or leaked to any social media. We, as an agency have clients who are well known in the society. Our girls satisfy their hedonic and fetish desires as they please. All these are done privately with the knowledge of the escort and the client only. Our escorts are sworn to guarantying the privacy and discretion of the client at all times, both before and after the encounter.
  • Smart and educated; Dolls and Roses has been known to hire smart and educated ladies. The ladies recruited are not only beautiful but are intelligent as well. If you are looking for a date to take to a formal party, hire a pretty damsel from Dolls and Roses; you will not be disappointed. They can engage in business talks and advise you on a business related activity if need be.
  • Well dressed and classy; our escorts dress up in the most elegant clothes and behave like sophisticated people. Our escorts cannot be compared to cheap and ragged prostitutes you might find or pick up by the road side. Our ladies are beautiful, busty, curvaceous and bootilicious. They are booked from the Dolls and Roses website and work with appointments. The beaus drive their own cars and can also host you in their nicely furnished apartments. They don’t nag you at all even when out shopping; theirs is to just ensure that you’re accompanied, and pampered.
  • Experienced; Dolls and Roses is one of the leading escort agencies in London. It has a collection of fine models of different characteristics, personalities, shapes and sizes. Whatever you desire in a woman, be sure to find it in a Dolls and Roses escort. All the fine and curvaceous ladies are experienced in the escort business. This is an advantageous fact because, they know how to treat their clients in best possible way. Most of the ladies are trained masseuses; they will make you feel relaxed after a long day at work, a stressful meeting or a long journey. When it comes to satisfying your desires, be sure to be entertained and addicted to their skills and tactics. Dolls and Roses escorts are able to make all your fantasies and desires come true.
  • Escort services; Dolls and Roses is an agency that has provided escort services in London for a long time. With this, they have mastered the art of how to deal with their clients. The clients’ satisfaction is the top guarantee of an escort lady. They are taught on how to satisfy their clients as well as keep their business confidential.


Enjoy your stay in London today with a gorgeous lady on your side from Dolls and Roses.

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