Survey On College Girls Joining Dolls And Roses

Survey Of Sexy Girls Dolls And Roses

In the last one year alone, more college girls have joined Dolls and Roses to offer companionship to clients, than any other escort agency has witnessed. As a matter of fact, no other escort agency around London has as many college girls as Dolls and Roses. Of course, this is good news to many of our clients who are always mesmerized and spoilt for choice, each time they come calling. But a closer look at Dolls and Roses will reveal just why this agency continues to attract young and educated ladies from across the city.

  1. Dolls and Roses Fulfill your expectationsProfessionalism; most ladies, especially the young, and educated college girls looking to make an extra coin, do not want to do things the old way. They want to be professional, from how they meet their clients, interact, meet, spend time, etc. Dolls and Roses has perfected this requirement; most of the college students joining us to serve as escorts are attracted by the fact that they can meet clients online, chat or engage one another, and agree on where to meet without much fuss. Likewise, few gentlemen want to roam the streets late at night looking for the right escorts; they prefer doing so online.
  2. Discretion; at Dolls and Roses, we strive to protect the privacy and discretion, not just of our clients, but our escorts too. This fact has gone particularly well with most college students. They want to be able to entertain clients and have fun while at it, without compromising their studies, or without their guardians, parents, and teachers knowing what they are up to. Thus for the few escorts who prefer to use an alias, or use a censored profile photo on their profile, we perfectly understand and allow that.
  3. Exposure; a big percentage of our clientele at Dolls and Roses consists of discerning gentlemen, often successful men who have their lives in order. This alone acts like a magnet to these college girls; they want to hang out with successful people who will challenge and expose them to new things in life. They want to hang out with our clients, not just for monetary gain, but to also learn life skills, and hear what older brains have to say about life, investments, careers, etc.
  4. Class; birds of a feather flock together, and most college girls want to do their things in class. They don’t want to offer their escort services while mingling with common street hookers; nay! That’s why at Dolls and Roses, most have found it easier to fit in because we have standards that we adhere to. Even for the escorts who aren’t college students, we always ensure that we pick decent and polished ladies to offer companionship to our clients.
  5. Flexibility; most of the college girls who have been coming to us are either part time students, or part time models, who wish to offer escort services on certain selected days when they are free, or for some few hours a day. This flexibility enables them to multi task; carry on with their studies or modeling careers, while still offering escort services.
  6. It pays; most college students are yet to become financially reliant, and are thus always looking for part time jobs. The college escorts who serve in our VIP category make enough money so that they are envied by their peers back at college. In fact, we have seen some complete their studies, get jobs, but still go on to offer part time VIP escort services at Dolls and Roses!


If you are the kind of man whose blood boils and runs wildly by the mere sight of a young, firm breasted college girl, then come to Dolls and Roses. We have a huge collection of college babes, all of them of astounding beauty and character.

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