Steps to Finding the Best Escort in London

Steps to Finding the Best Escort in London

With all the ads and websites available on the internet, it can be a challenge for first-timers to get the most suitable escorts or the escorts they desire, never settle. Here are few steps to finding and booking the absolute best escorts

  1. Look at reputable websites

An escort who is confident and values herself will put up a profile in a well-designed website. Budget websites are suited for escorts who cannot invest in the best marketing avenues and have trouble affording better. These are not VIP escorts.

If you are not aware what reputable sites look like, they offer more photo galleries, options to share photos, the escorts’ biography and specifics on her rates and services.

Reputable websites require a client to log in.

  1. Escort agency of independent escort?

Independent escorts do not rely on agencies they generally have more experience  and tend to be more successful than agency escorts. However agencies offer more variety in terms of women available, prices and services.

Agency websites allow one to choose an escort to a very specific degree. In that, they have filters in which you can quickly select age and in some cases, preferred education background.

An escort from the agency will be a bit more expensive compared to independent escorts but the agency offers a lot more consistency and variety in their services.

  1. Consider your finances

Keep in mind that haggling with an escort over price is very disrespectful and the date may not materialize.

VIP escorts charge way more than regular escorts so make sure you have enough money prior to booking a date. If you do not have enough for a particular escort, look for a more affordable option.

As high as escort rates are, you also have to take into account extra money required for a tip and even drinks.

  1. Consider her Profile Picture

In this modern age of technology, it is very difficult to take a poor quality image. An escort who is satisfied with sloppy photography is probably not a high-end escort even if she claims to be. VIP escorts put a lot of effort on their appearance.

Not only does the profile picture have to be flawless, even her lingerie, shoes, hair and makeup have to be of high quality.

  1. Read her ad Carefully

VIP escorts also have their preferences. Therefore read her bio carefully and you will get a hint of what she is into.

  1. Go over her Reviews

When it comes to VIP escorts, a good number of comments may not be honest or entirely accurate. Angry clients who attempted to haggle with her may write a negative review. Also former clients who demanded activities in which she refused to participate may also write disparaging comments just to punish her.

Still there is no way all reviews can be negative, look out for compliments from satisfied clients and learn what she is best at.

  1. Contact her

It is always a good idea to talk to the escort before meeting. This is where you clarify what you want and confirm the price. (Charges do go up)Chances are, if conversation over the phone sounds strained maybe the encounter will be the same. If she doesn’t “feel” right to you, then just go back to the drawing board.

For men who refer intelligent ladies, they are also available. To find them just filter the age group of the early 20s and the escort you will find will most likely be a college student. Most of them prefer to remain anonymous that is why they do not openly advertise their services and instead are recruited by agencies.

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