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Different Ways To Pay For Escorts In London

Different Ways To Pay For Escorts In London

Everybody needs to be paid for work they do but when it comes to escorting, most of time it presents some challenges about the payment methods or the transactions. This applies especially  for independent escorts.

Independent escorts

When it comes to independent escorts, things get complicated especially on the first encounter because both parties fear being ripped off. The client is usually uneasy because they might have had bad experiences in the past with escorts who, after being paid in advance would bail. The escort on the other hand would be an easy because they could also have encountered a bad client in the past who stifled them or got away without paying them. The best solution to this is the escort posting the payments on their website ads and stating that the amount is not negotiable so that when you get there, you won’t have to discuss payments.

Escort agencies

When it comes to escort agencies on the other hand, it is a whole different story. Escort agencies, like Dolls and Roses, apart from having some of the most stunning, elegant, charming and intelligent ladies, also offer different methods of payments. However, each and every one of our escorts have their own rates as well as terms and conditions, which you will find on her profile page. You will also find the standard rates, special packages as well as their discounted rates, which are only available if one books in advance and only for the first hour. After that, we resume the standard rates.

Different Ways To Pay For Escorts In London

Our escort rates are very clear and they are all inclusive so you will encounter no extra charges. If you are a loyal client, you will also get reduced rates but we have no more special discounts. All our charges including discounts are published on the website so that all our clients receive similar discounts.

Payment methods

Unlike most business, we always ask our clients to pay for the services in advance or in the beginning of the appointment and with good reason. This is because there are different kinds of people and others are always waiting on a chance to take advantage of others. We service very elite and respectful gentlemen who are very reliable but we still have to proceed with caution.

We offer a variety of different payment methods so that our clients can make discreet payments. We have all electronic payment methods including debit cards, bank transfers and credit cards. All are listed under one general consultancy so you need not worry about your discretion.

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