Dolls And Roses Escorts Are Graduates From Top Universities In London

Dolls And Roses Escorts Are Graduates

Have you heard of the latest collection of escorts from Dolls and Roses? Well, if you haven’t, then you clearly haven’t been keeping tabs on the escort world around the UK, and in London to be particular. Dolls and Roses has quickly made a name for itself as the leading escort agency around the country, and clients are trooping here from far and wide. In fact, there have been rumors that most of the escorts at Dolls and Roses are all booked up on a typical weekend, which means that one has to book their company well in advance.

Dolls And Roses Escorts Are Graduates From Top Universities In London

But what’s the secret behind? Why has Dolls and Roses suddenly become the talk of town, with everyone making haste to sample one of their awesome escorts? Well, the answer may surprise you; since mid last year, the agency has been picking their escorts from graduates of the leading universities and colleges around London. In other words, you’re likely to find young and pretty college or university students offering professional escort services at Dolls and Roses than anywhere else in London!

There are numerous benefits of picking a graduate from the top universities in London as your escort girl;

  1. First and foremost, these ladies are definitely young, and thus haven’t exposed themselves to much in life. All they need is a confident and knowledgeable gentleman who knows how to treat a woman right. A younger woman, especially the university and college age are always thrilling and adventurous by nature. Why pick an older woman as your escort, while Dolls and Roses has hundreds of young and tender university graduates ready to please you.
  2. Graduates are polished and well mannered; the escort industry in London has greatly changed, and is no longer about mere looks or bedroom matters. Clients are increasingly looking for an escort they can bond with, do things together, and so on so forth. A graduate escort from Dolls and Roses has all the manners and sophistication that a client would need when having lunch in a restaurant at the heart of the city, or when attending a business conference, shopping, etc.
  3. Dolls and Roses has standards; since its inception, Dolls and Roses has always sought to things differently, and offer their clients total and maximum satisfaction, in all areas and spheres. This is one of the few escort agencies where escorts are picked not merely by their looks and shapes, but also, for their education levels. The fact that most of their escorts are graduates from top universities and colleges in London is a clear testimony of the high standards that the agency always seeks to uphold. A woman with brains is always great company during pillow talk, or even on serious matters.
  4. Unlike poles attract; remember that first science lesson we all studied in school, about magnets? Like poles and unlike poles always attract, while like poles don’t! As a gentleman in your 30s, 40s, even 60s, and 70s and up, you’re likely to enjoy spending quality time with younger blood, compared to someone closer to your age. You may think that you have all the skills behind closed doors; but these young tigresses will definitely leave you gasping for breath, with their crazy and wild moves. It is no wonder then that anyone who has had chance or time to spend time with one of the Dolls and Roses escorts will always come again for more, sometimes even with a friend!


If you wish to sample a beautiful escort who combine looks and brains, then Dolls and Roses should always be your first top. Here; you’ll find graduates from the top universities around London offering professional escort services.

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