A Night with a Pornstar

A Night with a Pornstar | Dolls and Roses

This story began when I agreed to meet with a Pornstar. I've met escorts from this high class escort agency before, but I've never booked a Pornstar because I felt the girl would be too snobbish to offer me the girlfriend experience I was looking for.

But looking at Kamila's profile photographs made me crave.

She was dressed in white underwear, stockings, and high heels, which complemented her lightly tanned skin and platinum blonde hair flawlessly. She was incredibly beautiful. Her lipstick, makeup, and nails were immaculate. Not to mention her perfectly coiffed hair, which cascaded over her shoulders in a cascade of beautiful waves. She was statuesque and tall, with a big physique, proud chest, and a wonderful round bottom.

Yes, I decided, I had to go for it. And there I was, walking up to her front door. Would she be friendly and welcoming, or snooty and robotic?

Before I could even knock, Kamila opened the door, greeted me with a wonderful smile, and gently drew me inside.

She turned around and began heading upstairs, gesturing for me to join her. The view from behind was spectacular. I was amazed as I observed the wonderful bottom in front of me, dressed in the same white underwear I had admired in the profile pictures. In reality, she was clothed just as she seemed in her pictures, with her wonderful blonde hair falling over her shoulders.

She brought me into a small room covered with red curtains. On one side, there was a single big bed and a rug on the floor. This was not the same room she had posed in, which featured a four-poster bed and was luxurious.

I began to worry once again. But before I could decide what to do, her soothing voice cut me off.

"Give me your jacket, John, and please sit down!"

I complied, opening my leather case, and pulling out a bottle of fine white wine.

"Do you want a glass of wine?" I asked, my voice shaking.

"That would be fantastic!" said Kamila as she exited the room, only to reappear seconds later with two wine glasses and a corkscrew.

We were soon sipping the wine, but there was little conversation. Kamila sat on the edge of the bed while I sat in the wooden chair. I quickly chose to undress, but my awkwardness and anxiety were evident.

Kamila answered by crouching on her haunches in front of the bed's side. "Now, don't be silly, John. Come and sit down in front of me," she murmured, tossing her head to one side.

I obeyed with caution.

"Just lean back, John," Kamila enthused, "and I'll ease you."

I leaned against the wall, my lower body resting on the bed. I was completely topless.

Kamila knelt down and cupped her hands tenderly around my flaccid part. She devoured it completely after carefully placing it between her gorgeous red lipstick lips. She blew up her cheeks and moved her head up and down in a slow, rhythmic motion.

Nothing would ease me more than that. Warm pleasure washed over me as I saw Kamila's gorgeous blonde head glide up and down and felt her warm, soft lips softly massaging me.

I felt another surge of excitement as she continued. I was taken aback.

As Kamila raised her head, our lips met in a passionate kiss. I embraced her tenderly and drew her onto the bed. Our bodies were intertwined, and our lips were fighting madly with each other.

When we finally parted ways, I leaned back and rested my head on the pillow at the head of the bed. My mind was racing. I couldn't believe how well everything was going.

Then things improved dramatically. Kamila took full advantage of my prone position by abruptly positioning her large, round bottom straight over my face. My lips instinctively sought her lovely hole, and my ecstasy was great as I savoured the delights of her body.

Kamila climbed to her knees and crouched on all fours, her gorgeous bottom jutting enticingly.

"Come here!" she said.

I stepped fast behind her, and she clutched my manhood fiercely.

"Now rub it against me!" she said, pointing up to the tantalizing gap between her shapely bottom.

I didn't require any additional instruction.

I went quickly forward, stroking my manhood against Kamila's body which was warm and damp from anticipation. Her muscles relaxed, and I was deep inside before I realized it.

I began to enjoy the pleasure like a real man. Each thrust was eagerly absorbed by Kamila's exquisite bottom, and the warm smoothness of that part sent me into ecstasy.

"That's my favorite position," Kamila said as I increased the pressure, driving her insane.

"May I show you mine?" I inquired.

I was now feeling great and manly.

I took mine out of her exquisite den, flipped her around, and laid her on her back. I kissed her soft lips and took her in my arms. I nibbled the firm nips on her enormous soft chest while placing a pillow beneath her bottom.

There was nothing else like this on earth. Kamila's luscious butt clasped my manhood in all directions at the same time. And as I pushed harder, her guts pulsated in an oscillating motion, swallowing and disgorging me in a wild pattern, like a powerful machine gone insane. It was extraordinary.

My masculinity overtook me. My lips were against hers, and all of me was inside her. What else could I possibly want?

I pounded wildly and furiously. "You're my woman now!" I said.

My seed flew deep and long into Kamila's hot, receptive guts at that precise instant. She was now a perfectly satisfied lady, and I was a completely pleased man.

After the appointment, I chuckled and said to myself, "I was absolutely mistaken about pornstars!" 😊

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