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How To Make Yourself More Attractive To Women

How To Make Yourself More Attractive To Women

When you look more attractive, you definitely feel more confident and happier with yourself. To people, you even look healthier and more persuasive. Typically, people think that you are generally smart and trustworthy. Most people have a wrong notion that looking attractive has to do with your genes. This is a misleading perception that should not be tolerated. You don’t have to be genetically beautiful to become more attractive to the opposite sex., Here are some tips that can help you look and feel more attractive to women;

Dress To Impress

Nobody likes a shoddy looking guy. For what it’s worth, dress to impress. Dress in such a way that shows any woman who meets you that you care. It’s simple and don’t require much but it changes a great deal of things. If you dress well, it shows a woman that you care about your impression and appearance.This however does not mean that you settle on a particular style of dressing. Nonetheless, having no style at all will definitely attract no one.

Have Some Goals

No woman wants to be around a man who doesn’t have an idea of what he wants to do, therefore, set your priorities right. A woman who is willing to hang around someone who does not care about his own life is there to waste his time. Setting a goal doesn’t have to be career-related; it can be anything like maybe getting married or having kids in the near future or even something to do with your hobbies such as learning a new musical instrument.

Be A little Feminine

You are probably thinking, does a man need to act ‘femininish’ at all, right? Well, most women love men who embrace their femininity. For instance, when taking a walk, it doesn’t hurt stopping to pet some lovely looking puppies along the way. Also, smiling and waving at babies is another way of showcasing your feminine touch.

Be Thoughtful

Ladies have a good memory, hands down. However, you can also try to remember the restaurant she loves, her favorite songs, her favorite color and anything you can to show that you are thoughtful. One thoughtful gesture can put you on top of the list in a blink of an eye. Try it and you won’t regret.

Be Intelligent

This is by far the most important thing that any man should possess. However attractive you are, if you cannot hold a conversation all the way to the end, you are doomed. Imagine a beautiful piece of art in a museum; very charming but is only good to the eye and but not to be touched.  That’s what you look like to women when you are not intelligent.

Showcase Some Emotional Availability

If you feel that you are not over your ex-girlfriend, just don’t go out there in search of women. Most women need a man who will be there for them especially emotionally. If you are not good with communicating, find a way to work on your communication skills because it highlights courage and self-respect.

Put the Phone Down

Mobile phones are the order of the day in these technologically advanced times. Most people spend a huge percentage of their time on their phones. If you want to impress women, however, you should learn to put down your phone. The best way to go about this is to put your phone on silent mode when in the company of a lady. Checking a text message or any kind of message for that matter while a woman is talking to you shows that you don’t care about her. This is a straight turn off.

With all these said and done, make sure that you are straighforward and ready to mingle with as many women as possible before getting a hit.

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