I Booked My Wife an Erotic Massage without Her Knowing

I Booked My Wife an Erotic Massage without Her Knowing

Eunice had always wanted to be with another woman, but despite having each other come over only to chat about it, the idea was no closer to becoming a reality. My dreams are similar to most men's, ranging from two women to threesomes, but I've always had a voyeuristic drive that wants to see Eunice having pleasure with a man or woman without her realizing.

So, with that in mind, I scheduled an escort to come over and give her a massage from my favorite London escort agency, Dolls and Roses. She wouldn't know it wasn't a home massage and didn't suspect a thing. When the day of the massage arrived, and I mentioned that I had scheduled one of those mobile massages that come to your home, Eunice was not the least bit sceptical.

"That's excellent," Eunice said, "would she phone me before she arrives to see what kind of massage I want?"

I had already persuaded Stacey, the escort, to call and pre-empt the finer aspects of the massage, which she did, urging Eunice to take a lovely bath with a glass of wine, unwind, and lie naked on the bed with a towel on her bum.

As the evening approached, I found myself actually shivering with adrenaline and thrill at what I was about to see. I had set up a spare bedroom, with the bed to the right of the door along the corridor and a window on the other side on the left. This meant that if Eunice positioned her head at the top of the bed, I would be able to see practically the whole length of her body without her seeing me watching from the hall.

At 7 p.m., I went upstairs and started a bath for Eunice, along with a glass of white wine and a towel on the rack. Eunice went into the bath and drank her wine when the doorbell rang. I almost stopped breathing since this was so exciting, not to mention terrifying. I hadn't met Stacey yet, but I had seen some of her photos on her website, plus I was 100% sure she would be perfect as she is one of the best recommendations I got from the agency.

I walked down the stairs, knees trembling from excitement and nerves, and opened the front door..."hello Sam," said this really gorgeous blonde-haired girl. She is lovely, maybe 26 years old, with a body to die for. We entered the lounge and locked the door. "Is everything okay?" she said.

I responded that Eunice was in the shower and had no idea what we had talked about. Stacey said she'd hop up the stairs and say hi, which she did, by which time Eunice would be out of the tub and wearing a robe.

Stacey instructed her to lie down on the bed and get ready while I planned to watch the game in the lounge and have fun.

I went down the stairs and quietly removed my clothes before slowly climbing the stairs in complete silence. I turned a little to the right and gazed through the doorway, and I could see Eunice’s bare legs and the top of the white towel covering her bum. I only became aroused just as Stacey emerged from the shower room in a red silk slip. WOW, what a body. She placed her hand to her lips and indicated for me to keep silent before slipping past me, brushing her bum on my throbbing private part, I knew this would be good.

Stacey asked Eunice if she preferred oil or powder, and she chose oil. The massage began in very much the same way that all massages do, with her massaging oil slowly into Eunice’s back, and she began a little chit chat to put Eunice at ease, telling her that she did not have many clients but liked the ones she did have.

Stacey proceeded to rub and massage oil into Eunice’s back, and when she was satisfied, she straddled her just below her buttocks, rubbing up and down her back in a slow crawling motion, "Is this okay?" Stacey said, to which Eunice replied with a slight sigh. Stacey then raised the million-dollar question, " Eunice, is it okay to take off the towel?"... silence.

"Yes," she said (although a bit sheepish). Stacey leaned down and glided the towel down her legs, and threw it at the edge of the bed. I could see her looking at Eunice’s curvaceous round bum with a flicker in her eye and a soulful smile. She was also aware that Stacey had nothing on under her silk slip, and her private part would lightly touch her bum every now and then.

Stacey then moved next to the bed and began stroking Eunice’s legs, first only her ankles down to her feet, then working up to the backs of her knees and finally fondling her thighs, extracting a very low but distinct groan from Eunice. "Is that nice?" Stacey asked, "mmm yeah," Eunice replied.

Stacey proceeded to softly slide her fingers over her bum in small light sweeps, increasing the pressure with each stroke until she was stroking her buttocks in a definite intimate manner and turning on herself.

Stacey remarked, "You can turn over now," and Eunice showed her pert 36C bust and nicely trimmed cherry. Stacey started massaging her thighs, gradually lengthening her strokes till she was beyond her cherry and up to her belly, being careful not to touch her delicious mound.

Stacey glanced over at me when she touched just under her busts. I was playing with my now rock-hard part and was almost going to burst, and Stacey was looking at her busts, contemplating if she should go that extra step.

I indicated for her to touch my wife's busts, and she began slowly by stroking around each bust with greater passion. Stacey then grasped her bust and touched her nips, which was quite painful, and Eunice let out a sigh of delight, practically giving her the green signal to continue.

Stacey continued to caress her left bust while letting her hand gently, very slowly move down her tummy, down her right thigh, and then up the inside of her thigh while Eunice opened her legs eagerly. Stacey went down and took Eunice’s right nippie in her mouth, swirling her blabber over each bust at the same time. Stacey placed her hand down to her pussy, "is that fine?" she muttered, "yeah, absolutely good," Eunice responded.

She leaned over Eunice, nibbling and kissing her teat and chest, sliding her hair over and around them. She started playing with her g spot, flicking it over, exerting pressure, and then just as she was about to come. She pressed two fingers into her sopping wet cherry, and in a tremendous wave, I came harder than I had ever before. Eunice said, as if on cue, "you're going to make me come," her breathing accelerating, her body twitching, "uh keep doing that, I'm coming." Stacey kept caressing her teat and playing with her cherry till she couldn't take it any longer, and bliss poured all over her hand and fingers.

Stacey stayed for a little while before saying she'd leave her to relax; I met her outside the room on her way to the shower; she looked really hot. I was still naked, with a mess all over my part. She didn't say anything, just bent down, took all the pleasure off my male part, taking every drop out of me, swallowing it all. I came within seconds, filled her mouth, and she got up, explode on her chin, and went to change.

What a night! I never doubted the agency's ability to provide me with the greatest escorts possible, especially given my wife's new experience.

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