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How to chat up a girl

How to chat up a girl

When it comes to talking to girls, most guys will say approaching a girl is one of the scariest things in the world. Most girls love being chatted up, so being shy or afraid makes you both lose out on what would have been a wonderful chance to talk to someone new and who knows? Maybe it could have been the start of something new and amazing.

So, what are some easy tips to chatting up a girl?

  1. Relax

    As hard and impossible as this sounds, it important. Take a deep breath, calm your nerves and find a way to relax. Girls can sense unease and tension because it is written all over your face. So find a moment when you are a bit more relaxed, have some control over the senses and approach once you feel ready to talk to her.
  2. Confidence

    Well, the great thing is with a confident demeanour and a warm smile on your face is a girl can’t tell your faking it. Well, one secret beautiful girls will never share is that they are nervous too. They hope they look great, are attractive and won’t make a fool of themselves so keep that in mind when you see a group of girls and you think they are completely self-assured.
  3. Timing

    It’s a great idea to approach a girl when it’s not too noisy or crowded or when there is a lot going on. Be subtle and look for good chances to go up to her and say hi.
  4. Approach

      Be subtle and head her way. Don’t stand too close nor too far so that you are audible. On a dance floor though this can’t be helped, don’t shout directly in her ear though!
  5. Say hi

    Keep it simple. There is no need for an overly complicated or dramatic entry or opening line. A simple ‘Hi’ said in a warm tone, with a slight smile on your face and looking directly as her face usually works.
  6. She smiled and said hi, what next?

    One secret that works most of the time is give her a compliment, a genuine compliment. Take your time to observe her before you approach her. What do you like about her look; is it her hair, her laugh, her jewellery, is it her choice of outfit? Whatever it is, be genuine and give her a compliment, girls like compliments but only when they are genuine.
  7. Find a middle ground

    Use your observation skills and knowledge about the place, location and the moment. Are you at a party and you’ve seen her talk to the host? Is there a game on and she is paying keen attention? Such pointers are great conversation points. However, don’t interrupt, pick a time there’s a lapse in activity, approach, get her talking, listen keenly and watch how you quickly move from strangers to acquaintances.



With these great tips, you are well on your way to meeting lots of girls and chatting them up!

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