How escorts in Dolls and Roses are trained to satisfy the man’s desires

How escorts are trained to satisfy the man’s desires

  Escorts at Dolls and Roses are unique in so many ways and this is why we are the top escort agency in London. We have a reputation for attracting and maintaining happy clients, having the best girls in the UK and upholding high levels of privacy and discretion which is important in this industry. With over 2 decades of experience, we know what it takes to run and mange an escort agency where our clients’ needs are our main and only focus. This is why our selection process is so tough; we ensure our escorts are well versed in giving pleasure and fulfilling our client’s desires.

Here is how escorts in Dolls and Roses are trained to satisfy a man’s desire;

  • How escorts in Dolls and Roses are trained to satisfy the man’s desiresPhysical appearance – Beauty is important and even more so, a high level of attraction is vital for our clients to want to be with our escorts from the first moment, enjoy each other fully until they bid each other goodbye. It is this attraction that will make our clients enjoy their experience and come back for more. We carefully vet and select the escorts at our agency and we ensure they are beautiful, attractive, sophisticated and know how to pleasure men in all sorts of ways. Our clients trust us to give them pleasure and we in turn will only work with ladies who look the part, have the right skills to please our clients fully. And our escorts’ understand this is part of their role. These are the reasons they are healthy, they ensure they keep trim and fit. They ensure they look their best, have their hair clean and shiny and skin glowing so that they look great in person when you first meet them and they will still look fabulous without their clothes on. You can rest assured that we take our role seriously and you will find only the best girls at Dolls and Roses.
  • Skill set – Once an escort meets the physical requirements we’re sure our clients would love, we also ensure our clients have the skills to ensure our clients stay happy and we keep them happy. This is much more than just knowing how to make a man reach orgasm, it’s about enthusiasm, loving what they do, being enthusiastic and genuinely enjoying being with the clients and responding in kind. They are skilled when it comes to using their lips, their tongue, their hands and body in all forms of pleasure and love making and they are very open minded when it comes to different forms of  pleasure so you can be sure they ladies are liberal and adventurous and will love to explore all this with you.
  •  Etiquette – A lady’s bearing and manners make her special, unique and make her feminine. Our escorts know how courtesy and etiquette play a role especially in today’s world where everyone is self serving. Our escorts know how important it is to listen, be courteous and be feminine and carry themselves well. Great manners make the person endearing and crude or brash manners are a put off for many men. However, this doesn’t mean our ladies are polite even when it comes to intimacy, unless that is what you desire. They are adventurous and let loose in private so you are sure to have a lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets.
  • Personality and character – When meeting a lady, no one likes to be with someone who is dour, sad, absent minded. Our escorts fully focus on their clients, they listen, they converse and are good conversationalists, they are witty, humorous, bubbly and they are full of life.


These combined traits make the escorts at Dolls and Roses equipped with all the traits and skills which are ideal to fulfil all your intimate needs and desires. Visit our website today, view our escort profiles and make your booking today.

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