Graduates From Top Universities In London Has Joined Dolls And Roses

Graduates From Top Universities In London

Anyone who has had the pleasure of booking a Dolls and Roses escort in the past few months must have come across the many young and pretty ladies available. In fact, no other escort agency in London boasts of such a huge collection of young beauties. The secret behind most of these new faces will surprise many; graduates from top universities in London have joined Dolls and Roses in droves.

Graduates From Top Universities In London Has Joined Dolls And Roses
Why would a graduate from a top university n London offer escort services

  • To answer this question, you must start by understanding that the escort industry in the UK has seen tremendous changes in the past few years. Unlike formerly, the industry today has become more professionalized, and tailored towards meeting the client’s needs.
  • As such, even the caliber of the clients has gone a notch higher; elite and discerning gentlemen from all over visit the UK each year for holiday or business. While at it, most will need an escort to spice u their moments.
  • Graduates from top universities have found it thrilling and convenient to offer companionship to such guys. The thrill of meeting new people, learning about life from such, socializing; these are just some of the driving force in these ladies.
  • A graduate can thus manage the delicate balance of ensuring that her studies are not compromised, and that she can offer escort services at the same time. In most cases, Dolls and Roses have a flexible routine for these escorts, most of who are in the elite escort’s category.
  • Mind you, college and University life often means that the students are broke, and always on the lookout for making quick money. The fact that one can offer escort services without having to be physically on the streets or other premises means that this augurs well with most of the university graduates.  The moment you contact Dolls and Roses for an escort, they’ll hook you up with a graduate from any of the top universities in London.
  • You can chat long before meeting; from the comfort of your room or home, and from the privacy of her hostels or place of residence, the two of you can chat, flirt, get to know one another, until both of you feel sufficiently ready to meet up.
  • Which man would ever resist the beauty and shapely figure of a young woman, early 20s, wild and adventurous, and eager to please you? Even the most reserved, conservative men who would hardly show interest in ordinary escorts; the moment they come across these young Dolls and Roses escort, they melt and yield to their most bottled up feelings.

Chance of once in a lifetime

Many men are captives of their own desires and fantasies. If you miss your younger days, before family and kids came, when you’d romp with college girlfriends, fondling their tender and firm breasts; you still can rekindle that past! The collection of graduate escorts at Dolls and Roses will instantly awaken the stallion you used to be, or have always wished to be. From their flawless skin, white teeth and sexy piercing eyes, Dolls and Roses has vetted each and picked only the most stunning ones.

And like mentioned earlier, you can get to chat, share sexy photos of yourselves, and basically get to build the prerequisite rapport for a romantic meet up. All that you should do, is to Contact Dolls and Roses, and simply specify the kind of graduate girl that you need. They’ll furnish you with several babes to pick from, spread over all the top universities in the City.


Indeed, Dolls and Roses has taken their game to a whole new level with the introduction of graduate university students in their pool of escorts.

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