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Genuine Model Escorts in London

The requirement to be a model is to be blessed with beauty and a physique that is attractive and desirable to others. All our high class London escorts are considered to be amongst the

most beautiful in the world with all the attributes you would list if you were asked to describe your dream woman. There are plenty of different versions of perfection and we feel that at Dolls and Roses escort agency we have them all so whether you desire a blonde or brunette, Latin or fair skinned stunner we have them all and every different variation in between.

Blonde sexy woman posing over white background in black lingerie, looking at camera.

Many London escort agencies claim to have the most beautiful model escorts in the city and the term has been somewhat overused recently. Unfortunately it has resulted in clients being a little more than sceptical when they hear this and slightly disbelieving. The only way to show that Dolls and Models never overestimate the beauty of their ladies is to20visit us and take a look at our gorgeous galleries for yourselves.

We like to think that when a new client visits us he starts with a fairly closed minded view however when presented with all our beauties he will be surprised and delighted that his initial thoughts were unfounded. Our ladies are a gift that keeps on giving in the fact that not only are they beautiful to look at they are extremely good fun to be with and very down to earth. There is also a popular misconception that beautiful women are hard work to get along with and can be cold and stand offish however at Dolls and Roses you will be happy to learn that all our ladies have great personalities and do like to have a laugh.

In the media and fashion industry today there is a preference for stick thin models who have no curves or contours. We understand that this is not what men want and have ensures that despite the fact we call our ladies model escorts they are not models in the fashion sense of the word. We like to think of them as glamour models with class. They have the sensual and erotic figures of pin ups and the natural and flawless beauty all men desire. They are sensual and exotic and highly desirable young ladies. They are extremely talented and like to make all their companions feel like the true kings they are.

Many of our clients do not find it difficult to make dates. They are not the type of gentlemen who would be short of female companionship however they are the type of men who like to enjoy their dates on their own terms with no further commitment after the date. They might have a never ending stream of beautiful young ladies willing and eager to be with them and enjoy a sensual tryst however they do not have the time in their lives to make a relationship their first priority and yet they still have basic needs that need to be met. Rather than be caught out by women who are looking for something more permanent, a date with one of our model beauties is the ideal choice that will fulfil all their needs and allow them to fully focus on their careers or whatever else they feel is more of a priority than a relationship.

To have all the enjoyment and yet none of the commitment why not make a date with one of our desirable and beautiful model london escorts.

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