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From Escort To A Wife

From Escort To A Wife

Men are jealous by nature. They like their woman to belong to them alone, they like being possessive, sometimes almost suffocating their women with silly jealousy. But have you ever considered dating or even marrying an escort? Strange as it may sound, dating an escort or supermodel is one awesome experience. Forget the petty jealousy of what her job entails or who she meets; think of her meeting all those men, and picking you alone as the one man she gives her heart too! Anyone who has ever dated an escort will attest to the fact that they make some of the best lovers. Always caring, passionate, making time for you two in the midst of her busy schedule, and well, the bedroom life is just out of this world. Wayne Rooney didn’t become a pro out of the blues, he trained hard for that. Likewise, a model has met and gone out with several men; she’s not shy your heart rush. Yet, there is more to marrying an escort than just the fun.

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The current US president-elect, Donald Trump divorced his Ex-Wife to get married to the current one, Melania Trump. Melania is a former supermodel who made a living posing semi-nude on fashion and other magazines. It took a former supermodel to turn Trump into the Billionaire he is today and ultimately to becoming president of the United States of America! Trump wasn’t pretty dwelling on the number of men that had seen the semi-nude photos of Melania, or who she had dated, slept with before; be simply saw a lady that he felt comfortable around, and married her. Behind every successful man, is a woman. In this day and age where escorts have upped their game, become more sophisticated and educated, you’d be lucky to have an escort agree to marry you. And if you get one, you better treat her right and hold on tight; these ladies are ambitious in life and will help bring out the best in a man. She has mingled with all sorts of men, from the broke to the moneyed, the ambitious and arrogant, and for her to pick you out of all those, it means she saw something extraordinary in you. The notion that all escorts are cheap and always available simply because you can afford them is wrong and outdated! Today, escorts are not that desperate and money alone isn’t enough to have her give in to your desires; she’s also looking for a man she can connect with. Once you get married, they take the best wives and mothers. Dedicated, caring, and always doing whatever it takes to make her family happy.

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Thus in summary, if you have a girlfriend who’s also an escort and it was time to settle down, never think twice about it; just do it! You’ll thank yourself later. A big number of escorts are into it probably because they are lonely, or want to make an extra coin, or love traveling and meeting new people, etc. The moment she comes across a serious man who genuinely loves her, she’ll be more than glad to love and respect that man for the rest of her life. In any case, your ordinary girl who frowns at the thought of being an escort can be a nightmare to live with or get married to. You don’t marry a woman because she is an escort or not an escort; you marry a woman because you love her.

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an escort agency is a home to some beautiful and decent ladies offering quality services. Take time to meet them, know them, and spend time with them; you never know what would come out of your encounter!

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