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Every Escort Has A Different Personality

Every Escort Has A Different Personality

Every woman is like a different book; each is different and unique in their own ways. In this diversity of personality and character lies the true thrill. Otherwise, would it not be boring to have all women acting and behaving the same? Looks and appearances may be what attract most men to a woman, but it is personality that ultimately keeps a man. When it comes to the world of escorts, the same principles apply. Every escort has different personalities. Thus, much as each is out there to entertain you and offer you unrivaled company, you’ll realize that each escort carries herself differently upon a closer look. Some are shy by nature, others reserved, others talkative, naughty, humorous, and so on so forth.

Is the diversity amongst escorts a good thing or a bad thing?
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Clearly, the diversity of escort’s personalities is a good thing. Mind you, men and specifically clients who seek escorts have similarly different personalities. There’s the quiet, kind of reserved client, others are boisterous and abrasive, almost bordering excessive confidence. Still, others are measured and neither too shy nor too reserved. As such, each of the above categories of client would be looking for an escort that compliments their personality. Often, most clients prefer the shy, not so talkative escorts. This is because most men love to dominate their woman, and one who is ever talkative, opinionated, and quick to make judgments may find herself being avoided by most men.

How the escort agencies rectors their escorts for the job
Every Escort Has A Different Personality

Although each escort has her own different and unique personality, it is the escort agency that ultimately decides who to pick for the job, and who to leave behind. Much as looks, physical appearance and figure are crucial determinants, most agencies attach much importance to the personality of the woman. No agency wants to hire a moody, rude, or anti social lady as an escort. Rather, most agencies prefer a bubbly personality that will not just get along well with the client, but also make him feel appreciated and desired. This recruitment process helps weed out emotionally unfit women who’ be an embarrassment to the agency once in the line of duty. In this day and age, clients are often encouraged to leave reviews of their experience with escorts they met. To ensure that clients leave positive reviews, the agencies go to great lengths to avail emotionally stable and polite escorts.

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