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Dolls and Roses is an international escort agency of high repute and regularly provides sensual and erotic encounters for our clients in all parts of the world. A regular favourite is in Dubai to where our executive clients travel on an almost weekly basis. Many of them enjoy the companionship of our gorgeous model escort girls and our Dubai escorts are always in hot demand.


At Dolls and Roses elite escort agency our Dubai escorts live locally for much of the year just so that they are available to our valued clients whenever is convenient for them however if any of our clients prefer to enjoy the company of our escorts in the UK we can always arrange for first class travel to UAE so that they can spend their time making our clients time in Dubai as pleasurable as possible.


Dubai is one of the richest cities in the world however a popular misconception is that it owes much of its fortune to its oil production however although it did indeed start in this way in 1966, today only 5% of its wealth comes from oil with the remainder from financial interests, tourism and large scale building projects. It is known as the

playground for the super rich and is attracting many International business with the lure of forging links with other UAE countries. Many businessmen have begun to travel to Dubai to strengthen their network and business links in the Gulf and despite the rules on relationships outside of marriage, as long as encounters take place behind closed doors in hotels it is within the rules of the country.

If you are travelling to Dubai there are some strict rules you will need to follow. There is no such thing as a caution in this country and any infringements are punishable by arrest or perhaps even death in some cases so it is very much worthwhile to find out what is allowed and what isn’t before you travel.0D

Our Dubai escorts are always very aware of the rules pertaining to them and they follow them religiously. Head and shoulders and knees are covered when in public although things are very different in private. It can be quite erotic to peel away the layers to reveal silky smooth skin and reveal the true beauty of your chosen escort in Dubai and whilst it is not quite what we are used to in the UK. It does have its benefits.

Dubai has had ties to the UK since the 1800’s and given that it was under British governance until the mid 20th century there are still many ties to the country. Lots of companies have subsidiaries in UAE and particularly Dubai and so it is only natural that Executives for the companies are expected to make their presence felt from time to time.

In Dubai there are plenty of escorts, although most are western girls living in the area. As the shopping capital of the Middle East it is home to the Dubai Mall, the largest single mall in the world. The 7th most visited city in the world in 2013 Dubai has positioned itself as the strong hold for western commercialism in the Middle East.

We always advise that our clients make their bookings for their Dubai escorts with as much notice as possible. As you can imagine visas and appropriate dress for various occasions have to be considered, especially since the rules are so strict in UAE so some thought does need20to go in to packing. If you would like to book one of our Dubai escorts either to travel from the UK to Dubai with you or perhaps you can choose from any of our International escorts to come out and join you in UAE just give us a call and we will be more than happy to assist

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