Do’s And Don’ts Of Seeing An Escort

Do’s And Don’ts Of Seeing An Escort
Seeing an escort comes with many dos and don’ts that everyone must adhere to. Some of these dos and don’ts are listed below to keep you informed.


When meeting with a high class escort, the following is expected from you.

Be A Gentleman:

In as much as you are paying for the escort’s services, you have to remember that she is a lady. Therefore, you need to behave like a perfect gentleman with her. Do not insult her, hit her, or disrespect her.

Treat Her With Respect:

Escorts are human beings too. High class escorts expect respect from anyone that is paying for their services. Remember, you are paying for some time with them. You have not bought them, and now you own them. There is always the option of declining you their services and refunding your money.

Stick To What You Paid For:

Different escorts offer different services. Therefore, when you book her, make t clear what services you want. When you meet her, stick to what you paid for.

Respect Her Boundaries:

Not every escort will do all kinds of wild things. Therefore, you should let her know what you are into. If she agrees, well and good. But never trick her to meet with you because you like certain things about her then try to push her past her boundaries.

Pay Her:

There may not be a secure payment method, and many escorts get paid on site. The first thing you should do is pay her the full amount and not a dollar less. If her price is non-negotiable, respect that.


When meeting an escort, you should never

Go Past Your Time:

when you meet at her apartment, never overstay your welcome. When she comes to you, never ask her to stay past your time unless you will pay for the extra time and she agrees to it. You are not the only client she has.

Never Fail To Groom:

Always be well groomed. Escorts mind a lot about hygiene. Grooming will not take away your manhood. Take a shower and apply your cologne or deodorant where necessary.

Do Not Make Late Cancellations:

If you must cancel, do it early enough and not on the last minute. Also, do not give stupid or offensive reasons.

Fall In Love:

Escorts fulfill your fantasies. Therefore, if you fall in love with them, you will be falling in love with a fantasy that does not exist.

Never Ask For Refunds:

Escorts are out to please you. If you do not give them enough information on how to please you and they end up not pleasing you, you are not entitled to a refund. Now that you know what is allowed and what is not, you stand to have a better experience with escorts and keeping within the acceptable norm.

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