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Doctor's orders!

Doctor's orders!

Facts about our bodies are always an interesting read however one fact that might send a shiver of fear throughout the entire male population is that when a man does not use his penis correctly it can shrink by up to 2cm. Now, when we say using it incorrectly we do not mean that men up and down the country and opening tins with them or playing the piano, we mean giving them a workout with a beautiful young lady. 

The act of copulation keeps the ligaments and spongy tissue soft and elastic and retains the size that God gave you. If you do not experience regular erections and proper use, these ligaments will become shortened and in fact shrink the size by nearly a whole inch! Now unless you are Jonah Falcon, the official biggest dick in the world, with 13.5 inches, no-one will want to risk losing this amount!


God in his infinite wisdom realised that humans might want to cheat with his master plan and play solo however this also can reduce size as excessive friction can cause scarring and lead to tissues tightening and shortening, only having regular fun with a woman can maintain the proper balance as they have the natural remedy at their fingertips – well, its somewhere else actually but you get the point.


Our high-class escorts can take the medical theme a step further and be your very own personal nurse for your date. They can ensure that everything is working correctly and help to maintain everything God gave you. Fantasy fun and role play is always a popular request for many of our clients and with this news we are expecting our Model escorts to be inundated with requests for nurses outfits and regular workouts!.


As always our VIP London escorts are fantastic fun and very open-minded. They may look like they have stepped from the cover of a glossy magazine but they couldn’t be any more friendly and sweet. You can make a date with any of our luscious ladies in all areas of London and Internationally so if you are going away for a while then it might be sensible to keep everything well oiled to ensure that you don’t return home with less than you left with! Call today to make your sexy role play date with any of our beautiful model escorts in London.

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