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London's best VIP calls girls that knows how to handle mans desires

London's best VIP calls girls

The world is full of working girls - prostitutes, call girls and escorts. The services between them differ and  some of them are better than the others. Men also have different desires, some more common while the others more extreme.

London is the home of high class escorts

Around the world, the laws behind escort differ, it's illegal in some places but perfectly fine in other. So the culture behind escort differs between countries and nations.

One thing that is clear - sex is a demanded service by many men, for different reasons and needs. While the fundamental of doing it is the same across the world, the way that the escort industries pan out around the world also affect the actual service.

For instance, before Germany became the hot-spot for escorts, it was very common for Western European men to go to Latvia for bachelor parties and cheap sex. This service is now less popular, as the escorts there are mostly working in Germany.

What this means for the locals is that remaining are the low or the upper class escorts - the medium is gone. While the desire from both sides, the provider and the women, is still there and the same around the world, the industry simply pans out in a way that affects the consumer.

When we take the same logic and apply it to London - high class escorts from around the world aim to come here. And why not - they can't go to jail for it (not the same in the NYC) and as London is the sun of the earth, there's plenty of rich guys that require their services.

The desires of high class escort clients

What's interesting when it comes to high-class VIP girls is that the fundamentals for them changes compared to the rest of the escort population. The reason is that these are super-good looking, model type of girls.


They've had men of all types around them thought their lives - from the early teens guy-friends, to the needy middle aged men hitting on them while they are still underage, to the occasional high value men or the player.

They are so good looking that they get attention wherever they go - they know how to act and understand the different types of men. As they venture into the escort world, they also see the more extreme sides of escort and nothing is likely to surprise an experienced VIP escort.

The fundamentals changes as these girls have been around men their whole lives, they know the desires of different men and most importantly - how to address their VIP clients desires.

Dolls and Roses


Dolls and Roses is the leading agency in the world. The girls are willing and sourced from around the world, they are the most confident and nice looking women you can find. There's no judgments with these girls and they might even understand you better than your long term partner.

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